Yu Cuiping

Title: Senior Professional Instructor

Golfing Age: 15 years           Teaching Age: 11 years

Teaching Method:

Use the most scientific theory and easiest approach to let you feel the joy of golfing.

Personal Experience:

Teaching Experiences:

2006 teach at Nanjing Ginkolake International Golf Course

2014 till now teach at Zhongshan International Golf Club


2011 win the 9th place in China Amateur Tournament (Wuxi station)

2011 participate in Shanghai Malaren Lake Team Competition as representative of Jiangsu Golf Team

2013 win the 5th place in KUGAO Golf Mixed Doubles National Competition


2013 obtain CGA Intermediate Professional Instructor Certification

2013 obtain Chinese Golf Professional Player Certification

2014 join national men’s golf team for observation and learning

2015 rank third in the National Women Professional Golf Player Certification Exam

2016 obtain American TPI Expert Certification of Golf Level 3 and Junior Level 3

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